Meetings of young activists in displaying noble traits held at different units

November 26, 2022

Meetings of young activists in displaying noble traits were held at Pyongyang municipal, South Hwanghae and Jagang provincial, Rason and Kaesong city youth league committees and the youth league committee of the Pyongyang construction commission.

They were attended by officials of the Workers’ Party of Korea and youth league committees and young activists in displaying noble traits in the relevant areas and units and youth and students in the areas.

A report was made before speeches at each meeting.

The speakers emphasized that it demonstrates the revolutionary outlook on life of young people of the new generation that many youths had volunteered to work as teachers at schools in frontline areas and island villages or in mines and collieries and that particularly hundreds of young people in Paechon, Sinwon and other counties in South Hwanghae Province went to work on farms or rural construction sites.

That more and more young people are displaying noble traits is the laudable fruition of the Party’s idea and politics of attaching importance to young people and the demonstration of their great vitality, they stressed.

They expressed their firm will to keep performing miracles and exploits in the struggle for the overall development of their great country.


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