All-people anti-epidemic effort

November 28, 2022

The ongoing worldwide health crisis practically shows that a moment’s self-complacency and relaxation in the anti-epidemic work results in grave consequences. 

The anti-epidemic effort of the DPRK is an all-people campaign as it is based on the voluntary unity of the people, rather than any institutional mechanisms or material and technical means.

Masters of it are broad masses and the result is decided by their self-consciousness.

Regarding the observance of anti-epidemic regulations as an important issue not only for their health and lives but also for families and social security, they take part in the anti-epidemic effort with a high sense of responsibility. 

It is the outcome of the joint efforts of all the people upholding the national emergency anti-epidemic policy that the DPRK, which had remained virus free for the longest period in the world, returned to a clean virus-free area by completely eradicating the malignant virus in a little over 90 days.   


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