Over 800 000 youth league officials, students volunteer to join or return to army

March 18, 2023

Young people in the DPRK have simultaneously volunteered to turn out in a campaign to defend the country and annihilate the enemy.

They have turned out as the moves to provoke a nuclear war by the US and the south Korean puppets, who are perpetuating such manoeuvres to the maximum in terms of aggressive nature and scale while flagrantly infringing upon the sovereignty and security interests of our state, are approaching the intolerably utmost limit.

According to statistics, over 800 000 youth league officials, youth and students volunteered to join or return to the army throughout the country in a single day of March 17.

University students and working young people in Pyongyang and elsewhere held meetings and wrote down in their petitions the determination to eliminate all the war maniacs rushing about like tiger moth.

The number of applicants is on the rise continuously.


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