National forum of Koreans in Japan held

September 25, 2023

The "Forum of Our Nation-2023" of Koreans in Japan took place in Mie Prefecture, Japan, on September 17 under the sponsorship of the Korean Youth Commercial Association in Japan (Chongsanghoe).

Present there were Chairman Ho Jong Man, First Vice-Chairman and concurrently Director of the Organizational Department Pak Ku Ho and Vice-Chairman Jo Il Yon of the Central Standing Committee of the General Association of Korean Residents in Japan (Chongryon), chairpersons of the Chongryon headquarters, leading officials of the central organizations and affiliates of Chongryon, members of Chongsanghoe in different parts of Japan and other compatriots.

The participants watched a congratulatory performance video from the motherland and a video on the activities of Chongsanghoe which has positively encouraged the Koreans in Japan to carry forward and develop the tradition of national education and patriotic movement. Then they enjoyed an art performance.

A seminar was held to introduce and generalize the successes and experience gained by Chongsanghoe in its last year's work for rebuilding and revitalizing its branch in Mie Prefecture and the Korean community in Japan and developing national education.

Kim Chol Gyu, chairman of the Chongsanghoe Branch in Mie Prefecture, made a speech at the event.

He expressed the resolve to always take the lead in the work for strengthening and developing the Korean community and Korean schools in Japan by pooling the efforts of compatriots of all social strata and ensuring the continuity of the proud history of patriotism, true to the important letter of the respected Marshal Kim Jong Un.

Ho Jong Man said in his closing address that the national forum was successfully held, supported by everyone in a single mind in the face of difficulties, to give great strength and courage to the Korean community in Japan and called on Chongsanghoe to proudly display its mettle and the true picture of the Korean community in Japan in the future, too. 


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