Second-day sitting of Sixth Plenum of Eighth WPK Central Committee held

December 28, 2022

The second-day sitting of the enlarged meeting of the Sixth Plenary Meeting of the Eighth Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea continued amid the extraordinary political awareness and active zeal of all the participants to adopt the new year's action guidelines for bringing a new phase of upsurge in the rejuvenation and development of the state with absolute trust and confidence in the victory of the Korean-style socialist cause.

Kim Jong Un, general secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea, went on with his report on the first agenda item.

In the report, the General Secretary referred to the principles and ways for expanding the successes and experience gained in all aspects of socialist cultural construction, including science, education and public health, during the struggle of 2022 and overcoming some serious shortcomings. And he proposed the major tasks to which great importance should be attached by relevant sectors in the next year to attain the goals set by the Party Congress.

He mentioned the problems of bringing about a radical turn in the spheres of the people’s ideological and life culture in line with the progress of the revolution and the change of the times, steadily enhancing the functions and role of socialist laws and thoroughly establishing the law-abiding spirit, and more vigorously conducting the social patriotic movement, the mass movement with unique and advantageous vitality in Korean-style socialist construction.  

Attentively listening to his report, the participants recollect the work of their sectors and units from an instructive and developmental point of view.

The report profoundly analyzed and assessed the new challenging situation created on the Korean peninsula and the international political situation, and clarified the principle of external work and the orientation of struggle against the enemy to be adhered to by the WPK and the DPRK government for defending national sovereignty and interests under the present circumstances. And it set forth new key goals for bolstering up the self-reliant defence capability to be pushed ahead with in 2023 under the multilaterally changing situation.

The report also made an anatomical and scientific analysis of the present overall state affairs and stressed the need for the members of the Party central leadership body and other leading officials at all levels to decisively improve their work attitude and work style and thus fulfil their sacred and heavy duties before the Party and the revolution, the country and the people.

The participants are listening in earnest to the historic report of the General Secretary clearly indicating the knack and policy for overcoming manifold challenges and extreme difficulties in the most definite and prompt way and opening up a broad avenue for fresh leaping advance in Korean-style socialist construction.

The report of the General Secretary will continue at the third-day sitting.

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