Report on power demonstration firing of 600mm super-large multiple rocket launcher sub-units
Respected Comrade Kim Jong Un oversees power demonstration firing

May 31, 2024

The regime of gangsters and the puppet army of the ROK infringed upon the sovereignty of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea in an intolerably hideous act of provocation in which they performed a clumsy counteraction of dangerous show of military power against its exercise of legitimate sovereign right. In this regard, the super-large multiple rocket launcher sub-units conducted a power demonstration firing aimed at them in order to clearly show the DPRK’s corresponding will to ensure the sovereignty and security of the state with powerful and overwhelming means of war and to carry out even a preemptive attack by invoking the right to self-defence at any time if the enemies attempt to use military force against the DPRK.

The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un directly gave an order to organize the power demonstration firing and oversaw it on the spot.

Repeatedly stressing that it is the duty and mission of the armed forces of the DPRK approved by its Constitution to mobilize the military retaliatory forces for safeguarding the sovereignty of the state and the territorial integrity, he declared that today’s power demonstration firing, which is to be held under the situation in which the enemy is desperately conducting political and military manoeuvres to plunder the DPRK of its sovereignty, will be an occasion for clearly showing what consequences our rivals will face if they provoke us.

The salvo of a firepower sub-unit was carried out by operating the integrated fire-control system, a part of the national combined nuclear weapons management system.

The drill was attended by the 3rd Battalion of the 331st Red Flag Artillery Regiment under the artillery combined unit of the Korean People’s Army in charge of the important firing attack task in the western border area.

A secret code order of the Central Military Commission of the Workers’ Party of Korea on the firepower mission was given to the fire attack companies of the battalion and the salvo of the battalion was carried out based on the integrated fire-control system.

When Kim Jong Un gave an order to fire at the observation post, General Jang Chang Ha, director general of the Missile Administration of the DPRK, commanded the fire attack.

Just then, as loud explosive sound rending heaven and earth broke out, showers of fire for annihilation boasting marvellous strength clearly demonstrated the DPRK’s will to defend its sovereignty and react against the enemy.

A-match-for-a-hundred artillerymen, fully charged with firm hostility toward the enemy and clear outlook on the arch enemy, accurately hit an island target 365 kilometres away and successfully carried out their power demonstration firing task.

Kim Jong Un highly appreciated that the world’s most powerful war attack means of Korean style, which boast formidable power, are maintaining prompt and thoroughgoing counterattack posture and are fully prepared.

He stressed that the nuclear forces of the DPRK should be more thoroughly prepared to promptly and correctly perform the important mission of deterring a war and taking the initiative in the war at any time and in any emergency.

The means of war and preemptive attack forces of the DPRK’s armed forces will maintain their war posture with their more enhanced capacity and fulfill their important mission of deterring a war and defending sovereignty.


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