Struggle for ousting traitor Yoon Suk Yeol goes on in regions of puppets

June 5, 2023

Various circles in south Korea are intensifying their struggle to judge traitor Yoon Suk Yeol.

The Pusan joint action for the withdrawal of the US forces held a press conference in Pusan on June 2, in which it declared that it would turn out in the struggle to judge traitor Yoon who is escalating the crisis of war.

Calling for a stop to war drills, speakers at the conference said that they should oust Yoon, a war maniac, who is driving the people into the danger of war as a shock brigade of the US.

The participants shouted for the resignation of the traitor while holding a symbolic ceremony of tearing up a paper reading "Yoon Suk Yeol, a war shock trooper of the US and Japan".

The writers held a press conference in Seoul on June 1 to condemn traitor Yoon for bringing a crisis to the Korean peninsula through war drills with the US.

Speakers condemned that the US, the chief culprit of national division, is instigating the north-south confrontation and demanding the submission to its interests while forcing the triangular military alliance, and that Yoon is running amuck in the van.

A press conference was held by 617 civil society organizations in Seoul, in which they vowed not to stand back even a step from the struggle for the resignation of the traitor.

The organizations said that they would turn out in the struggle by inheriting the spirit of the martyrs for democracy who fought for the democratization, human rights, peace and reunification on this land, and surely oust traitor Yoon who is running amuck in the van like "the head of an action corps", not content with acting as a spokesman for the US and Japan.

Civil society organizations in Kwangju and Taegu held press conferences to call on everyone to turn out in the struggle for the resignation of Yoon, who is trying to make the masses bullet-shields of the US and Japan and leaving everything of the nation to the mercy of the US and Japan.

The construction workers' union under the Confederation of Trade Unions held a rally in Seoul, where it said that it would defend the union in which Yang Hoe Dong felt pride at the cost of his life and that it would struggle to realize his desire.

On May 31, seven organizations, including the "Fellowship society for democratic youths and students league" comprising the people who turned out in the movement for democracy from the 1970s to the early 1990s, formed an "emergency situation council for democratic action to check the crisis of war, the ruin of people's living and the dictatorship by prosecution”, and launched into the struggle for the resignation of the traitor.

They called upon all the generations who have devoted their youth to the movement for democracy to join the ranks of the struggle for checking the dictatorship by prosecution, the ruin of people's living and the crisis of war, shouting, "Let the masses unite into one to fight against the dictatorship."

Universities in the area of Seoul, including Seoul National University, Ehwa Woman's University, Sogang University, Tongguk University and Kyonghui University, started the movement for putting up wall posters decrying the criminal acts of traitor Yoon and calling for turning out in the struggle for his resignation, and the movement is expanding across south Korea.

The wall posters carried the letters reading: "We denounce the suppression of the labour union, which drove martyr Yang Hoe Dong to death", "A working person killed himself again", "The death caused by the regime, it is not a suicide, but a murder", "Is the future of our students who will become working people safe?"

A puppet political expert posted on a website an article titled "The presage of an early collapse of Yoon Suk Yeol regime started".

The expert said that the ruling mode of Yoon is almost 100 percent like that of the Park Geun Hye regime, adding that the only way to be followed by traitor Yoon is that by traitors Syngman Rhee and Park Geun Hye. 


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