US’ anti-Syria moves come under criticism

January 29, 2023

The Syrian foreign ministry in a recent statement disclosed that the US Department of Commerce imposed new sanctions to block Syria’s import of medical equipment and their parts.  

The statement asserted that such inhumane measures targeting the hospitals providing medical assistance to millions of Syrians are part of the US’ unilateral blockade. 

Syria is still in the vortex of war due to the US and other hostile forces. The terrorists destroyed schools and hospitals as they retreated. The US and Israel are staging air raids and missile attacks on several regions of the country. Moreover, a malignant infectious disease is sweeping through the country adding to the sufferings of the Syrian people. 

At present, many wounded people and seriously ill patients in the country need urgent medical assistance. 

However, the US applied sanctions to the health sector in disregard of such a reality. 

After militarily occupying major granaries and petroliferous areas of the country on the pretext of “counter-terrorism”, the US is plundering resources in a more undisguised way. 

According to information released by the Syrian government in December last year, its economic loss caused by the US’ military operations in Syrian territory amounted to 111.9 billion US dollars. Over 80 percent of the country’ daily oil output is illegally taken away by the US forces. On January 4 this year, for instance, US troops transported Syria’s oil and wheat on 60 tankers and trucks to their base in the northern part of Iraq.

A Chinese foreign ministry spokesman strongly urged the US to stop such moves that violate international law and break international rules. 

Some 90 percent of the Syrian population live below the poverty line, two thirds maintain their livelihood with the humanitarian aid and the majority of the population are not supplied with food at the moment. 

Therefore, the Syrian government and people are calling for immediate withdrawal of the US forces, saying Syria has the right to take reparations for the loss and damage caused by the US’ military presence in the country. 


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