Bilateral cooperation promoted to enhance socio-economic development

May 3, 2023

The international community boosts bilateral cooperation to encourage socio-economic development. 

Recently, the Indian foreign minister visited Mozambique and expressed his willingness to foster cooperation with it in the railway sector. He visited the headquarters of the Mozambican port and railway company with the transport minister of Mozambique and held talks. He said India pursues sustainable cooperation in the railway sector with the African nation and hopes for concluding a new agreement.

The Mozambican transport minister said the government of his country intended to start negotiations soon to conclude a new agreement with India.

On April 16, the president of Venezuela met the Colombian government delegation led by its foreign minister on a visit to Caracas at the presidential palace. At the talks both sides expressed satisfaction over the fact that bilateral relations including political collaboration and economic cooperation have developed successfully in conformity with the desire of the peoples of the two countries since the comprehensive re-establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries last year and had an in-depth exchange of opinion over the pending issues including trade promotion and border security.

The seventh joint committee meeting of Angola and Congo took place in Angola in March 2015. The eighth joint committee meeting of the two countries is expected to be held this year, eight years after the event. Experts began a working meeting in the capital of Congo to make preparations for the meeting. On April 17, Angola and Uganda held a joint committee meeting. At the meeting the two countries discussed the issue of boosting cooperation in various fields of politics, diplomacy, finance, education, public health and others.

Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan concluded a protocol on the establishment of an inter-state supreme council and six documents for enhancing cooperation between the two countries on April 10.

The documents were inked during the visit of the Azerbaijani president to Kazakhstan.

Agreements were also reached between Iran and Saudi Arabia, between Egypt and Saudi Arabia, between Rwanda and Kenya and other countries on boosting bilateral relations.

Many countries now make steady efforts to build a new society, just and prosperous, by displaying unity and the spirit of cooperation.


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