Bilateral exchanges and cooperation promoted between nations

July 14, 2023

Developing countries put in continued efforts to foster socio-economic development through bilateral exchanges and cooperation.

The presidents of Venezuela and Iran held bilateral talks and agreed to further expand the friendly alliance between the two countries.

On June 12, they met and held a summit at the presidential palace in Caracas. At the talks the Venezuelan president said that the visit of the Iranian counterpart to his country would be a new landmark in their effort to improve friendship, solidarity and cooperation and the two countries would be at the forefront of the activities to establish a new world order. He expressed the government stand to invariably carry on and complete the strategic alliance pioneered and developed by former President Chavez.

At the talks both sides agreed to newly expand cooperation and exchanges in over a dozen fields including petrochemical and mining industries, extraction of natural gas, science and technology, maritime transport, tourism and culture, and accordingly concluded over 20 bilateral agreements.

On the same day, the Venezuelan vice-president met the First Lady of Iran and her entourage at the office building of the General Bureau of Protocol of the Venezuelan Foreign Ministry, and discussed and reached an agreement on the issue of bilateral exchanges and cooperation in the fields of the training of women officials and culture.

Back in June last year in Tehran, the leaders of the two countries agreed on the plan for cooperation in the coming 20 years in various fields including energy, finance and defence.

On June 8 this year, the Cambodian prime minister had a talk with the minister of foreign trade of the United Arab Emirates at the Peace Palace. At the talk the UAE trade minister said the comprehensive economic partnership agreement would bring the economies and peoples of the two countries closer to each other and promote bilateral cooperation in the existing potential fields. After the talk the Cambodian prime minister attended a ceremony, in which the comprehensive economic partnership agreement was signed between the Cambodian minister of commerce and UAE trade minister.

The Indian minister of education and technical development visited Singapore between May 29 and 31 and held bilateral talks with the Singaporean education minister. At the talks both sides discussed the ways to promote cooperation in the fields of education and technical development between the two countries and to properly combine technical and vocational education at schools. In particular, they agreed to intensify cooperation in the field of education including the build-up of teaching personnel, integrating the future technology into education and technical ecosystem and encouraging cooperation between special and sports schools. During his stay, the Indian education and technical development minister met with the Singaporean deputy prime minister who doubles as finance minister, trade and industry minster, foreign minister and social policy planning and coordination minister respectively to discuss the ways to widely apply expertise of Singapore for a change in India’s technical ecosystem.

On May 30, the Venezuelan president met the Brazilian president at the Atamarati Palace again and signed an MOU on the strategic development of the two countries. After the signing ceremony, President Maduro said the signing of the MOU would develop into a joint declaration to achieve the general, all-round and strategic cooperation in the bilateral relations. A Venezuela-Brazil cooperation mechanism would be set up to strictly keep to the abovesaid agreements and take measures concerning the inspection of bilateral cooperation and rapid transition to next stage, he noted. 

Developing countries are now eager to enhance bilateral exchanges and cooperation in order to accelerate their socio-economic growth.


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