Traditional DPRK-Russia friendship grows

July 19, 2023

July 19 is the day when the DPRK-Russia Joint Declaration was announced.

On the day in 2000 Chairman Kim Jong Il held talks in Pyongyang with Russian President Putin on a visit to the DPRK and signed the DPRK-Russia Joint Declaration together with him.

 The 11-article declaration says that cooperation and mutual collaboration between the two countries conform to the trend towards establishing a new international order and respect sovereignty of each nation and support each other’s effort to defend independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity. Through the joint declaration the two countries expressed their stand on strengthening their economic foundations and developing trade, economic and sci-tech ties and declared they would encourage cooperation in wide-ranging fields.

The joint declaration marked a new milestone in boosting friendship and cooperation between the two nations and constituted an important document of historic significance in ensuring world peace and stability.

Over the past 20-odd years since then the two countries have steadily bolstered bilateral relations, supporting and cooperating with each other on the basis of the joint declaration.

Today the bilateral friendly relations develop to meet the common aspirations and interests of the peoples of the two countries.

The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un visited Russia in April 2019, had the first historic meeting with President Putin and strengthened the bond of strategic and traditional DPRK-Russia friendship a level higher. The leaders of the two countries held an openhearted and meaningful discussion on the development of bilateral relations and international issues of common concern and reached a consensus of opinion.

The Russian government and people extended warm hospitality to the DPRK leader during his goodwill visit to their country. His visit was a great event which served as a historic turning point in demonstrating the solidness of the long-standing and close bilateral friendship which has developed from one century to the next and from one generation to the next and further promoting the traditional friendly and cooperative relations in line with the requirements of the new era under the new situations. 

To constantly boost the strategic and traditional friendly relations between the two countries at a new height as required by the new century conforms to the aspirations and demands of the peoples of the two countries and it is of great significance in ensuring regional peace and stability.

The two countries make every effort to safeguard sovereignty and achieve international justice, and bolster support and cooperation on the way. 

Now, the Russian government and people positively strive to sustain economic growth and expand external relations, while resolutely frustrating the military moves of the hostile forces which pose a grave threat to their national sovereignty and peace. The Korean people extend full support and sympathy to them.

To constantly consolidate and develop the DPRK-Russia friendly relations fully conforms with the aspirations and demands of the peoples of the two countries and constitutes a positive contribution to ensuring peace, stability and development in the region.

The friendly and cooperative relations between the DPRK and Russia which have been carried on century after century and generation after generation will continue to improve with the passage of time.


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