China assails US for its warship’s passage through Taiwan Strait

January 25, 2023

At the outset of the New Year, a destroyer of the US passed through the Taiwan Strait for the first time.

On January 5, the spokesman for the Eastern Battle Zone of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army pointed out that they tracked with vigilance the US warship’s passage through the Taiwan Strait from the beginning to the end and that every single movement of it was under close scrutiny.

The spokesman for the Chinese embassy in the US issued a statement in strong opposition to the passage through the Taiwan Strait by the US warship and urged the US to put an immediate end to such acts of undermining peace and stability of the Taiwan Strait.

Under the pretext of ensuring the “freedom of navigation”, the US warships are always flexing their muscles, but this is not an act intended to safeguard the freedom and openness of the Taiwan Strait, the spokesman said. He also asserted that China remains highly vigilant and is ready to cope with all threats and challenges, and that it will resolutely safeguard national sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Last year alone, the US reportedly dispatched its warships to the Taiwan Strait eight times.

Analysts unanimously comment that the US moves to contain China with “Taiwan card” would become a routine and that such moves of the US constitute a very dangerous act as it puts an obstacle to peaceful settlement of the Taiwan issue.


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