Another protest action in France, millions take to streets

March 28, 2023

Millions of working people went on a protest demonstration again in various parts of France against the authorities’ bid to reform the annuity system on March 23.

The recent protest action was the ninth of its kind staged since the French Premier announced that the bill for legalizing the annuity reform plan would be pushed through the parliament.

The French general confederation of labour reported that about 3.5 million people of all strata participated in the demonstration against the annuity reform across the country.

The police were bent on suppressing the demonstrators using tear gas. 

In some regions, over a hundred policemen got injured in clashes with protesters.

Labour union organizations stressed that they would continue such actions until the authorities drop the annuity reform plan.

As the demonstrations go on, the state of confusion is continued in the railway and air transport sectors.

In Paris, famous tourist attractions including the Eiffel Tower and Versailles were closed up.


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