Chinese representative censures US for air raids against Syria, Iraq

February 12, 2024

The permanent representative of China to the UN said that the Middle East situation reached a very dangerous phase in a UN Security Council meeting on February 5.

In connection with many casualties caused by the recent US air raids on several areas of Syria and Iraq, he said such actions seriously infringed upon the sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of the relevant countries.

Referring to the fact that the US openly declared it would continue to go on with relevant military actions, he noted that China expresses serious concern over that and opposes actions that are contrary to the UN Charter and infringe upon the territorial sovereignty and security of other countries.

History repeatedly proved that military means are not a solution to problems and the abuse of force of arms will only cause a greater crisis, he asserted.

China strongly urges the relevant sides to respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of other countries and stop illegal military actions so that the tense situation in the region will not deteriorate further, he added. 


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