China censures US for boosting military budget

April 2, 2024

The US administration recently brought a draft of federal budget for the 2025 fiscal year before Congress, in which the military budget increased to US$ 895.2 billion and the budget for containing China rose by 8 percent. 

Answering a question raised in this regard, a press spokesman for the Ministry of National Defence of China said that the US has continuously increased the military budget expenditure in recent years and the figure exceeded the total sum of military expenditures of the nine countries allocating the largest budgets next to the US. 

Moreover, the recently proposed military budget takes up 12 percent of the US’ financial expenditure, far exceeding those of other countries, he said, adding that the US is finding fault with China and playing up non-existent military threat from the latter in a bid to increase its military budget expenditure.

Saying that China has neither intention to threaten others nor fear of their threats, he stressed that no force could check the strengthening and development of the Chinese army.   


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