Performances given to celebrate Day of Sun

Performances were given by the participants in the 6th April Spring People's Art Festival at the Pyongyang Grand Theatre, Ponghwa Art Theatre, National Theatre, People's Palace of Culture, Central Youth Hall, Chollima Hall of Culture, Cultural Hall of the Ministry of Railways and the Magic Theatre of the National Circus on Monday, the birth anniversary of President Kim Il Sung.

Among the audience were working people and youth and students in Pyongyang.

Artistes from provincial art troupes and artistic motivational teams, mobile artistic motivational teams and art group members put on stage colorful numbers including vocal, dance and instrumental music, reflecting the firm will of all the people to hold in high esteem President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il as the eternal sun of Juche forever.

They sang highly of the people's absolute trust in Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un who is successfully carrying forward the cause of the great leaders and demonstrating the dignity and might of the DPRK before the world.

Put on stages were numbers depicting the Korean people who are making a new leap forward in the great advance for economic construction by dint of the spirit of self-reliance and science and technology.

Colorful numbers, such as illusionary jugglery "Skill of Juggler" and "Wonderful Robot" and functional jugglery "Dove Feats", were performed at the Magic Theatre of the National Circus.