Nation celebrates Day of Sun

The Korean people significantly celebrated the birth anniversary of President Kim Il Sung, the Day of the Sun.

A lot of people visited the Kumsusan Palace of the Sun, the sacred temple of Juche where President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il are preserved in their lifetime appearance.

They paid tribute to them before the portraits of the smiling great leaders at the plaza of the palace.

Working people, youth and students and service personnel of the People's Army visited the statues of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il on Mansu Hill and their statues and mosaics depicting their smiling images in other parts of the country to pay tribute to them.

Many people visited the 21st Kimilsungia Festival and Kimilsungia exhibitions that are going on in every province.

Colorful performances could be given at theatres and outdoor places across the country.

A concert was given by the Samjiyon Orchestra at its theatre to celebrate the Day of the Sun.

Artistes of the National Symphony Orchestra gave a concert at the Moranbong Theatre.

Outdoor performances were arranged by artistes of the Phibada Opera Troupe and the National Folk Art Troupe in front of the Pyongyang Grand Theatre and the Three-Revolution Exhibition House.

A combined circus show by the acrobats of the National Circus at the Pyongyang Circus Theater delighted working people, youth and students.

Celebration performances were also given across the country.

Many schoolchildren joined the Korean Children's Union.

And sports games took place in Pyongyang, adding festive mood to the Day of the Sun.